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Isle of Wight Council
The Isle of Wight Council's website has a huge list of useful links on a wide variety of subjects. Please click the above link to take a look.


HemiHelp is a membership organisation offering information and support to children and their families affected by hemiplegia. Hemiplegia is a neurological condition that weakens one side of the body, and affects one child in a thousand. It is sometimes described as a form of cerebral palsy, and the effects are similar to those of a stroke.

Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with brain related conditions through researching, educating and directly supporting children and their carers.

Contact A Family
Contact a Family provides support to parents / carers of children with disabilities and also helps parents contact other families who have similar conditions.

Carers UK
Carers UK is the voice of carers. They improve their lives by providing information, advice, support and by campaigning for change.

Carers IW can provide contact with other carers and former carers, activities, meetings and social occasions, recognition of the value of carers, empathy and understanding, resources and information, Support and a listening ear. They have an office at the Riverside Centre. Anyone is welcome to call in. There is also an answerphone and they do return calls. Carers IW, Riverside Centre, The Quay, Newport, IoW, PO30 2QR
01983 533173

Face 2 Face IoW is a befriending scheme for parents discovering their child has additional needs. To find out more please visit here.

For a list of other Face 2 Face schemes around the country please visit here.

Include Me TOO 
Include Me TOO supports disabled children and young people and their families from diverse communities to have individual and united voices which rightly should be heard directly and taken into account both locally and nationally. The website also contains information about the National "Include Me TOO" Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People, and the "R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 7 Principles" code

Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service offers an impartial, confidential service to parents and carers of children and young people with SEN and disability. In addition, they also offer a service to children and young people, who may want to receive information, advice or support themselves.

National Autistic Society
The National Autistic Society IOW branch. We are a group of parents with children of all ages. The focus of our work is on helping individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to get the help and support they need in our area. We also organise events - including coffee mornings and cinema screenings - and welcome local families to our groups. 

You can also visit the national website for news, information and advice by clicking the following link:

Joanna Brunt for has contacted Parents Voice to tell us about their website: " is an information-sharing website for people supporting children and adults with learning disabilities. The site offers hundreds of practical tips and ideas on everything from managing challenging behaviour to useful learning 'apps’ for iPods. All the tips are contributed by people with first-hand experience of learning disability, and are organised into easy-to-find sections, such as 'Education’ 'Behaviour’ and 'Communication’."

No Barriers

The aim of No Barriers is to empower people with a disability to achieve their goals in achieving meaningful work related activities. For some people that may be a few hours a week working as a volunteer and for others it means a part or full time job with a mainstream employer. More information can be found on the IW Council Adult Community Services section of the IW Council website. 

Action for Kids
Action for Kids helps disabled young people find more independence and opportunity through providing equipment and support.

Citizens Advice Bureau
The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice, and by influencing policy makers.
The Citizens Advice service aims:
To provide the advice people need for the problems they face
To improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives
The service provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.
Citizens Advice Bureau IOW
01983 532292

Quay Advocacy (for carers)
Provide support to adult carers and adults with a sensory and/or physical disability.
01983 525424

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
For nearly 20 years, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers has been fighting to provide carers with the support they so desperately need. The Trust understands that few of us plan to become carers, so when a caring role starts, every carer needs an expert to guide them through the maze of services, rules and entitlements. For a carer, this can make the difference between keeping and losing their job, or between staying healthy and collapsing under the stress.

The Restricted Growth Association (RGA) is a charity that provides information and support to people of restricted growth (dwarfism), and their families.

Special Help 4 Special Needs
Special Help 4 Special Needs has been set up to provide children and young adults with special needs the support they and those around them require to grow and develop. This includes those with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD/ADD and Developmental Delay.

Transition Information Network
The Transition Information Network (TIN) is an alliance of organisations and individuals who come together with a common aim: to improve disabled young people's experience of transition to adulthood. TIN provides information about transition through its website, magazine my future choices, policy and practice e-bulletin Getting a Life and seminars. It is free to become a member of TIN.


Togs 4 Special Sprogs specialise in custom made clothing and accessories for Babies, Children, Teens and Young Adults with special needs. They make everything to the individual requirements & measurements that your child/teen or young adult needs.

Fledglings have a wide range of clothing solutions but also have other products that may be of interest.


IPSEA offers independent expert advice for parents on the special educational needs of their children.
Bridges for Learning (B4L) was set up in October 2003 by Siobhan Aubin.  It is an Independent Consultancy Service providing Educational Psychology support for schools and individual children.


Keywizz is a new company based in Hampshire, England which provides a cost effective method of music tuition/therapy for all ages and abilities. It was developed by a music teacher who works in schools for pupils with autism.

Their aim is to make it possible for everyone who has learning difficulties, behaviour affected learning or limited communication e.g. stroke, brain injury and associated problems to be able to access lessons/therapy.

Keywizz has been used for over ten years with excellent results for both children and adults. It is all about "learning to learn" using sound and colour.

Keywizz has no need for expensive staff or equipment and can be used without prior musical knowledge, experience or training.

Please visit for further information.

For any enquiries please contact

Linkage Community Trust
Linkage is a Residential Further Education College in Lincolnshire for young adults from the age of 16 – 25 with learning difficulties. They specialize in a range of Learning Difficulties from ASD, ADHD, SLD, MLD PSD, Downs Syndrome and many others.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal
From 3rd November the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST) ceased to exist as a stand-alone body and became part of a new two-tier Tribunal structure; the First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal. Please click the above link to go directly to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal page or alternatively visit and select Guidance, Tribunals and then look under the heading Health, Education and Social Care Chamber.

Symbols Making Sense. This unique reading scheme of more than 40 books is aimed at children and people who need additional support to develop their reading skills. All text is supported by Makaton symbols. Suitable for a wide range of key stages and learning needs. Please visit for more information, or contact or tel 01590 682 933.


The Family Fund helps families with disabled children and young people aged 17 and under to have choices and the opportunity to enjoy ordinary life. They give grants for things that make life easier and more enjoyable for the disabled child, young person and their family, such as washing machines, driving lessons, computers and holidays.

A grant scheme to offer direct and practical assistance to improve the quality of life of children and young people affected by neurological conditions.

Whizz Kidz

Whizz Kidz is a national charity that provides customised mobility equipment to disabled children and young people to increase their independence and improve the quality of life for them and their families.


Childrens Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)

CRAE protects the human rights of children by lobbying government and others who hold power, by bringing or supporting test cases and by using regional and international human rights mechanisms. They provide free legal information and advice, raise awareness of children’s human rights, and undertake research about children’s access to their rights.

Click here to view a CRAE child friendly document giving more information on the Disability Rights Convention.

The Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card

This is a national card that can be used to verify that the holder is entitled to one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema. For terms and conditions, and further information about who would be eligible please visit


Disabled Person's Bus Pass

Eligible disabled people are entitled to free off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England. Find out whether you are eligible and where and how you can use your free bus pass.

(Further information about the New Islander Card to enable one travelling companion on the Isle of Wight, for those who are eligible, is available from libraries and Help centres.)

Disabled Living
'Disabled Living is a charity which provides impartial information about equipment (assistive technology) and services for disabled adults, children, older people and the professionals who support them.'

Family Information Zone (FIZ)
FIZ provides independent impartial information and guidance on children's and young people's services on the  Isle of Wight and nationally. View the Wightchyps website here.


KIDS is a national charity working with disabled children, young people and their families across England.

They also have a free suite of resources to support families with disabled children who will use personal budgets, commissioners and others in children’s services. 

Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) have been established by the government to ensure that organisations work together to safeguard children and promote their welfare. In Portsmouth, Southampton Hampshire & the Isle of Wight each area not only has its own local LSCB but they work under an umbrella partnership called the 4LSCB.
 is an information-sharing website for people supporting children and adults with learning disabilities. The site offers hundreds of practical tips and ideas on everything from managing challenging behaviour to useful learning 'apps’ for iPods. All the tips are contributed by people with first-hand experience of learning disability, and are organised into easy-to-find sections, such as 'Education’ 'Behaviour’ and 'Communication’.

Office for Disability Issues - HM Government

Involving disabled people.  
"There are over ten million disabled people in the UK. Around one in 20 children, one in seven working age adults and almost one in two people over state-pension age are disabled, so any policy is likely to affect disabled people in some way." 

Please see this website for more information, including reasons why government departments must involve disabled people.


Skills for Care
This organisation helps people who employ their own personal assistants. See their website for a variety of information regarding employing and supporting your personal assistant to gain the skills they need for their role.


Special Needs Jungle
"News, information & informed opinion about SEN & Disability by parents for parents".
Special Needs Jungle offers tips, resources and advice to parents negotiating the special needs statutory assessment and statementing process.


The Den
A new website for teenagers with autism, launched in May by the Autism Education Trust, England's only umbrella organisation for autism education. The Den is a hub of information advice, personal stories, films and games, designed specifically for teenagers and young adults on the autistic spectrum and their siblings and friends.

Driving Mobility
Gives details of driving assessment centres around the country and has advice and fact sheets on mobility issues and driving after a serious illness or with disabilities. The site also contains links to other useful organisations including adaptation manufacturers and insurance companies who are keen to demonstrate equality.

This website also contains information regarding Driving with a Disability for the First Time. This may be of interest to parents and carers of older teenagers.

Working Families
Working Families is a work-life balance organisation. They help children, working parents and carers and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. They have a specific section titled Caring for Disabled Adults and Children which can be found under the tab Parents and Carers.



Safespaces equipment is designed for adults and children who may be unsafe in an ordinary room or bed. Typically they supply products for people with special, sometimes very complex needs including autism, epilepsy and challenging behaviours.



Concept Training
Concept Training provides training courses for anyone living or working with people of all ages who have Special Needs. Their courses are provided in a variety of ways including some on-line courses. For more information please visit their website at

Lifecoach Directory

Life Coach Directory was set-up in order to raise awareness of coaching and to enable visitors to find the most suitable qualified coach for their needs. Coaching is the process of guiding a person from where they are to where they want to be, and can address a range of areas from career advice to family coaching.


Please note Parents Voice does not necessarily support or endorse any of the organisations on this website. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of any information on this website or any site which we have linked to.